Rebecca started her musical journey when she was four years old when she began making up songs and singing to herself as a child. She loved playing the piano and listening to music and she would perk her head up even as a baby when music was playing.  At age ten a friend invited her to see two Beatles movies and she fell in love with their music and harmonies. This experience lead her to want to become a musician and songwriter. She bought all The Beatle’s records and memorized all of their songs and harmonies and this inspired her to learn the guitar and begin writing songs. 

At age twenty-two she decided to form an all female group called "Kashmir”. They moved to Hawaii and played full time for a year with Rebecca as a co-lead singer, bass player and songwriter. 

After the break up of “Kashshmir”, Rebecca joined the group ”Wild Reverence" in Monterey California. The band consisted of all female musicians and they performed indie folk rock songs with intricate three part harmonies. When “Wild Reverence” disbanded Rebecca moved to New York City and began living in an old recording studio with her ex guitar player from “Kashmir.” During this time she emersed herself in songwriting and home recording by day, and would explore the City and walk in the late afternoons. Inspired by the city, Rebecca felt energized and uplifted, and she discovered this was a great place to write music.             

Rebecca met a producer/engineer in New York and began working on an original solo record.  She loved writing music and soon became drawn to making music about healing and connecting with ones deeper truth. Themes around breaking through blocks and empowering oneself began to emerge. She found that music could be therapeutic and soon realized she wanted to share this feeling of creative empowerment with others. She began to create music about helping people feel more connected their own value, creative power and authentic self.

Rebecca’s music consists of a mix of genres including indi rock,  acoustic singer songwriter and Americana. She also creates inspirational songs with themes of nature, finding oneself and trusting the universe. She has been influenced by artists such as  The Beatles, Chris Stapleton, Neil Young, Sarah Mclachlan, Kati Tunstall and more.

Rebecca has played as a solo artist in venues all over Southern California including Los Angeles, Ojai, Santa Barbara, Ventura and more. 

In her free time she likes to camp near clear rivers, hike in beautiful places like Monument Valley and travel around the Country in her RV.  She also enjoys traveling to the East Coast where performs in an acoustic duo with singer songwriter Sharis Swartley who she has known since she was 14 and has played in several bands with including "Kashmir" "Wild Reverence" and an a acoustic duo called "Terra." 

Rebecca graduated a four year healing arts school in New York City where she learned many healing modalities including music therapy and energy healing. She hopes to bring a sense of peace, upliftment and renewal through music, whether though a spiritual song or a soulful rock anthem. 

For bookings and inquiries email Rebeccacopelandmusic@gmail or visit the contact page.  

 Quote: “Her songs make me feel like I am out in the desert on a rock plateau, and I feel that spaciousness. Her music makes me feel that love of nature, and that is my church. It touches my soul.”   

—Sharis Swartley —Singer Songwriter