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Thanks for coming to website! My name is Rebecca Copeland and you can find information about my music, shows and recordings on this site. And if you'd like to be notified about upcoming gigs, news and events,  feel free to sign up for to mailing list on my contact page.  Enjoy...

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In recent news... 

I am back in Southern CA and have been playing some great solo shows and private events around Ventura and LA. I have also been playing some shows with a great guitarist named Gene Williams who resides in LA.

In July I will be returning to The East Coast, and teaming up with Sharis (she just goes by "Sharis", like "Jewel"), for some recording, songwriting and shows around New York and New Jersey.  I am also working on a CD of my original songs and I have posted my first finished song on on my website. The new song is entitled "I Got Life" and you can hear it on the site wide player. I am excited to have this song finished and mastered and I hope you enjoy it.


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