Rebecca began her musical journey when she was only four, when she would make up songs and sing to herself much of the time. As she grew older, she discovered a love for playing the piano and was attracted to musical sounds. Her mother says as an infant she would perk her head up when she would hear music and respond positively. When Rebecca was ten, a friend introduced her to The Beatles and she fell in love with their music. She got a record player and bought all the Beatles records, and memorized every song and harmony. She also started to learn guitar and began writing songs. This was the beginning of Rebecca's musical adventure and it was The Beatles who inspired her to become a musician.

When Rebecca grew up, she started an all-female band named Kashmir, acting as a co lead vocalist, songwriter, bass and guitar player. Kashmir spent a year playing full time in Hawaii and when the band broke up Rebecca moved to New York City. She ended up loving the city which was so different from her home in Northern California, and found she was extremely creative there. She was able to devote a fair amount of time to songwriting.

Rebecca has also toured the United States playing bass with her old guitar player from Kashmir on a major US tour.  She ended up touring in Vermont, Maine, New Orleans, New York, Colorado and many other states. She also played the renowned "South By Southwest" music festival.  The tour turned out to be a great experience.

Rebecca has continued to write and record her own music. She creates her own sound and style in the folk rock, Americana, singer songwriter genres. She writes about life, traveling, nature and many other themes including empowering oneself. 

Rebecca is currently based in Northern and Southern California and performs solo with her guitar, and with an artist named Sharis who is a based on the East Coast. 

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